Translation Services

Our official translation services cater to a wide range of industries and document types, ensuring accuracy, precision, and reliability in every translation project. With a dedicated team of language experts, we specialize in delivering meticulous translations for:

  • Legal Documents: Trust us to handle your legal documents with utmost care and precision, ensuring that every word maintains its legal significance and integrity.

  • Patents: Protect your intellectual property across borders with our specialized patent translations, preserving the uniqueness and value of your innovations.

  • Trademarks & Copyrights: Safeguard your intellectual assets with translations that maintain the legal nuances of trademarks and copyrights, ensuring their protection worldwide.

  • Medical & Technical Reports: Our expert translators are well-versed in the complexities of medical and technical terminology, providing you with accurate translations that uphold the integrity of your reports.

  • Document Reviews: We offer comprehensive document review services to ensure consistency, clarity, and accuracy in your translated materials.

  • Educational Credentials: Whether for academic or professional purposes, we translate educational credentials to support your global aspirations.

  • Projects & Presentations: Ensure your projects and presentations resonate with international audiences, thanks to our meticulous translations that capture your intended message.

  • Software & Website: Expand your global reach by translating your software and website content, maintaining user-friendliness and functionality in multiple languages.

  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Our expertise in multilingual desktop publishing ensures that your materials are visually appealing and culturally sensitive in every language.

  • Video Captioning and Subtitling: Enhance the accessibility and reach of your multimedia content with our expert video captioning and subtitling services, making your videos comprehensible to a global audience.

At Turdus Swiss Consultancy (TUSWISCO), we understand the importance of precision, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity in official translations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your documents, projects, and materials receive the attention they deserve, allowing you to thrive in the global marketplace. Trust us for all your translation needs and unlock new opportunities across borders.