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Introducing Turdus Swiss Consultancy (TUSWISCO) GmbH, your gateway to dynamic growth and strategic expansion. We specialize in establishing a global footprint through our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and international strategic business ventures. 

Our Vision:

At TUSWISCO, we envision a future where boundaries are transcended, and opportunities are limitless. With a focus on establishing branches both in Switzerland and abroad, we strive to be pioneers in fostering international partnerships and collaborations. 

Strategic Investments:

We pride ourselves on being proactive in the business landscape. Through strategic investments, we participate in both domestic and foreign companies, ensuring a diversified portfolio that aligns with our vision for sustainable growth. 

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Embracing the spirit of evolution, we actively seek opportunities to merge with similar or related companies. By joining forces, we unlock synergies, share expertise, and create a powerhouse capable of conquering new markets and challenges. 

Versatile Transactions:

At TUSWISCO, versatility is our strength. We engage in a wide spectrum of transactions and contracts that align with our mission to promote the company's objectives. Our dynamic approach allows us to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape with agility and resilience. 

Realizing Potential:

We recognize the value of assets in their various forms. From land to intellectual property rights and licenses of all kinds, we acquire, manage, encumber, and sell strategically, ensuring optimal utilization of resources while maximizing returns for our stakeholders. 

Global Presence, Local Impact:

Our commitment to global expansion is matched only by our dedication to making a positive impact locally. As we navigate international markets, we remain rooted in our values of integrity, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. 

Join the Journey:

Whether you are a prospective partner, investor, or collaborator, TUSWISCO invites you to join us on this exciting journey of growth and innovation. Together, we can redefine industry standards, break barriers, and create a legacy of success. 

Turdus Swiss Consultancy (TUSWISCO) GmbH — Where Vision Meets Achievement.
Unleash the potential, embrace the future.

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  • Thun City, Switzerland
    Thun City, Switzerland
  • Swiss Parliament, Bern
    Swiss Parliament, Bern
  • Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice)
  • Bundeshaus, Swiss Parliament (Bern)